, MC174C Mini Crawler Crane

MC174C Mini Crawler Crane

Slim body: 590mm
1.72 ton lift capacity
5.5m working height
Programmable moment limiter
High speed winch
One hand controllable outriggers


1.72t ×1.0 m

Max. working radius

Max. working radius

Max. lifting Height

5.5 m

Hook speed

10.9m / min (with 3 layers & 4 falls)

Wire rope

IWRC 6 X Fi (29) φ6 X 35 m

Telescopic system

Boom length

1.83 m – 5.45m

Telescoping Speed

3.62 m / 15 sec


4-section hydraulically telescoping boom of pentagonal box construction

Telescopic method

Simultaneous telescoping

Swing system

360 deg / 2.0 rpm

Outrigger type

1 stage with flexible stay damper, 2nd stage with manual pullout, hydraulic cylinder direct acting type

Outrigger Max. extended width

(lateral) 3,335 x (Front) 3,060 x (Rear) 2,885mm

Travel system type

Hydraulic motor driven, 2 step speed changer

Travel speed

2.0 – 3.3 km / h



Crawler ground length

1,044 mm

Ground pressure

33.7 Kpa (0.34 kg / cm2)

Crawler width

180 mm



Mitsubishi GM401LE

Max. output

5.6 KW (9.0 ps) / 1,800min-1 (rpm)

Starting method




Fuel tank capacity

6.0 L

Overall length x overall width x overall height

2,000 mm × 590 mm × 1,300 mm

Machine weight

1,290 kg

Safety device

Overwind protection, Angle indicator, Hydraulic safety valve, Level, Wire rope latch, Warning buzzer, Machine body inclination alarm, EMO switch, Moment limiter, Working status lamp

Optional Equipment

White rubber tracks, single fall hook, 2-fall hook.

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† Due to improvements, the specifications are subject to change without notice.