Telescopic mobile cranes

Sennebogen Cranes

Mobile Crane - 683 Telescopic

Lifting Capacity : 80t
Boom height : 42 + 16m
Engine capacity : 186kW
Weight: 65t


  • Deutz Diesel engine TCD2013L06 2V, with direct injection, water-cooled.
  • Output as per DIN/ISO: 186 kW (253 HP) at 2000 rpm.
  • Dry air filter with cyclone preliminary filter, safety element and pollution indicator.
  • Fuel tank capacity: 550 l
  • Electric system 24 Volt 2 highly efficient cold starting batteries

Hydraulic system

  • Load-sensing hydraulic-system. The variable displacement piston pump is equipped with pressure cut-off function and with a energy-saving flow-ondemand control.
  • Through the independent and proportional feed of the oil flow all working functions can be operated parallelly, independently and very precisly.
  • High efficiency through well designed hydraulic valves and lines.
  • Seperate hydraulic circuit for the swing drive. Individually and precisely swing operation.
  • Axial piston pumps
  • Flow rates 1 x 520 l/min, 1 x 80 l/min working pressure 330 bar
  • Hydraulic tank capacity 1350/1150 l
  • Hydraulic oil filter with long time change interval.
  • Healthy oil temperature through high dimensioned hydraulic oil cooler.
  • Central service board for easy and rapid check of complete hydraulicsystem.
  • Servo joy sticks for operating movements and additional functions as per ISO-System.

Swing drive

  • The swing operation is driven independently through an axial piston motor, spring-loaded hydraulically releasable multiple-disk brake, planetary gear and pinion shaft.
  • Large dimensioned swing bearing.
  • Swing speed 0 – 2.0 rpm, infinitely controllable.
  • Hydraulic motor with integrated brake valves for reduction of wear in braking system to a minimum.


  • Undercarriage welded as rigid, torsion-free box-type design with integrated 4-point outriggers.
  • The drive function is powered by 2 variable displacement piston motors with directly flanged brake valves.
  • 2-circuit servo brake system with additional safety brake as parking brake.
  • Steering axle as hydraulically controllable oscillating axle.
  • Oscillating axle cylinders with safety check valves.
  • All wheel drive
  • Drive speed 0 – 10 km/h 70 t special wide gauge axles 8 tires, 14.00-24
  • Optional: 8 tires, 16.00-25


  • Torsion-free upper frame with continous bearing-plates for optimal power introduction, precision machined.
  • Steel-bushes for the boom-pivot.
  • Special sound insulation for the engine.

Working Equipment

  • Telescopic five-section boom, hydr. extend- and retractable.
  • Boom hoist cylinder and telescopic cylinder with safety check valves.
  • Hoist winch via hydraulic motor with safety valve and planetary gear with safety multi-disk-brake in oil bath.
  • Line pull max. 72 kN, hoist speed max. 0 – 120 m/min, rope dia. 20 mm.
  • Safety equipment according to Australian regulations.
  • Safe load indicator (SLI) with clear text indication of boom angle, boom length and radius, hoist end switch.

Operators cab

SENNEBOGEN maXcab with sliding door, excellent ergonomics, automatic heating/air conditioning with temperature pre-select and fresh air/recirculation filter, air suspended comfort seat optionally adjustable, excellent 360° visibility, SENNEBOGEN Diagnostics System

Operating weight

  • Service weight with 42 m telescopic boom, 20 t hook and wheelded undercarriage MS 70, tyres 8×14.20-24, approx. 65 t

* Further details see adobe specifications download or please contact PACECRANES. † Due to improvements, the specifications are subject to change without notice.