valla pick and carry crane repairs

900E Pick and Carry Crane

Capacity: 90 t
Width: 2500 mm
Gross Weight: 32000 kg

Crane Frame

Fabricated from welded steel plate, with possibility to eject the free wheels and the power unit.


48 kW – 96 V DC fanned reversible electric motor fitted with a MOSFET speed control and microprocessor


Differential axle with reduction gear between motor and wheels running in oil bath. Travelling speed up to 8 Km/h


Power steering operated by hydraulic motor and bearing ball, fitted between the power unit and the crane frame, allowing a 160° steering. 20 kW – 96 V motor driven pump, filter and safety valves. Maximum hydraulic pressure 120 bar

Brake System

Food operated brakes on 6 wheels (4 front and 2 rear wheels). Hand brake mechanically operated


1250 Ah – 96 V battery meter on dashboard


Oscillating rear axle with mechanic lock


Rear n 2 solid tyres 400/60 x 15” – W; front n 6 cushions 840 x 320


Fabricated from preformed and welded steel plate with 4 hydraulic telescoping sections. Fitted with adjustable nylon wear pads

Hydraulic System

In own enclosed circuit, powered by kW 26 – 96 V motor driven pump, through electric proportional distributor controlled with joystick. Fitted with filter and safety valves. Maximum hydraulic pressure 250 bar

Drivers Overhead Guard

A steel frame over driverʼs seat allowing full visibility with metal checker plate overhead.

Total Weight

45.000/32.000 kg.


L.M.I. (Load Moment Indicator with angle, boom extension indicators and visible warning for max. capacity), man bucket, remote control, hydraulic winch, metal/glass enclosed cab, carry deck, battery, battery charger

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† Due to improvements, the specifications are subject to change without notice.