Maeda mini cranes

Maeda Spider Cranes

CC423S-1 Mini Crawler Crane

Lifting Capacity: 2.93t x 1.5m
Working Radius: 8.38m x 0.2t
Pick and Carry: 1,465kg

The development and design of the Maeda mini crawler crane is conducted by the Maeda engineer team. Developers travel around the world to investigate the market needs. Based on the research result, they develop machines reflecting the global market demand.

In recent years, compliance to the latest emission regulation, taking into consideration the environmental impact has been a fundamental part of this research and ensuring all cranes meet the standards required by each country.

In addition, we develop eco-friendly and user-friendly machines with usability, safety, durability and ease of maintenance at the forefront of design.


2.93t X 1.5m

Max. working radius

8.38m X 0.2t

Max. Lifting Height


Max. reach below ground level

-16.5m (4 falls)

Pick and Carry Capacity


Drive System



Engine Rated Output


Ground pressure

43.5kpa [0.44kgf/cm2]

Overall length × width × height

4,020 X 1,740 X 2,495 mm

Machine weight

4,400kg (rubber pads +90kg)

* Further details, please contact PACECRANES.
† Due to improvements, the specifications are subject to change without notice.