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Materials lifting solutions for your worksite

With 18 years’ experience, Uplifter are pioneers and specialists with glass lifters and materials handling machinery. As a specialist in lifting and assembly, they rely on good glass lifters. The glass assembly cranes for glass plates and windows can quickly lift up to 780 kilograms to lower heights and allow very precise positioning.

When it comes to our glass lifters, Uplifter  are specialists in assembling and hoisting heavy windows, panes, and ceiling and façade elements. Snug-fitting, flexible and secure with only one assembler!

Uplifter offer all kinds of suction lifters – for glass, stone, metal and wood, suitable for trade work and industry, indoors or outdoors.

Uplifter saves you time and money on site.

Contact Pace Cranes experienced experts now and we will find the ultimate solution for your glass lifting tasks.

Lifting capacity 150kg

360° rotatable suction unit

Rotates elements up to 2.4 m in length

Lifting capacity 250kg

360° rotatable suction unit

Rotates elements up to 2.5 m in length

Lifting capacity 295kg

Lifting height (vertical) 2.42 m

Lifting height (overhead) 2.90 m

Lifting capacity 425kg

Lifting height vertical until 3.00m

Lifting height overhead until 3.40m

Lifting capacity  625kg 

Lifting height (vertical) 3.10m-3.60m

Lifting height (overhead) 3.60 m-4.35m

Lifting capacity  350kg 

Manual turning 360° (raster by 45°)

Manual tilting by 90°

Lifting capacity  450kg 

300mm diameter suction discs


Lifting capacity  600kg 

Manual turning by 360°

12-fold lockable grid, automatic locking at 90 °

Lifting capacity 1000kg 


Suction cups Ø 400mm

Lifting capacity 1200kg 


Suction cups Ø 350mm

Lifting capacity 300kg 

Manual turning by 360°

12-fold lockable grid, automatic locking at 90 °

Stepless swivel unit from 0° to 90 ° For panels up to 18 m length

A range of equipment to transport your glass and flat panel construction equipment around the worksite.