Maeda Eco Mini Crawler Cranes

Maeda Spider Cranes

MC305CB Battery Mini Crawler

Lifting Capacity 2.98t x 2.5m
Max lifting height 12.52m
Max working radius 12.16m x 0.26t
Two Way Remote Controller

Battery powered min crawler cranes with minimal environmental impact

Fully electric powered cranes with zero emission, without compromising on performance. Innovative lithium-ion batteries make these models environmentally friendly, economical, efficient, and safe. Welcome to the green way of lifting.

Maeda mini spider cranes are compact and light weight and can be lifted up to a site by larger cranes or service elevators and are easily moved in place on the rubber crawlers.

Maeda mini cranes have in built safety systems to ensure the utmost safety on site such as:

  • Moment limiter – for setting working envelopes
  • Tipping prevention
  • Interlocking system
  • Tilt alarm


2.98t ×2.5 m

Max. working radius

12.16m x 0.26t

Max. Lifting Height

Approx. 12.52m

Battery System

5 hour rate capacity, Lithium Titranate battery, DC55V-180Ah, 4.5 hour charge time

Outrigger Max Extended

(Lateral) 4,888mm x (Front) 4,504mm x (Rear) 4,396mm

Travel Speed

3.695 – 12.485 m

Max lifting height underground

-16.09m (4 falls)

Swing System


Outrigger system

Extended Hydraulic cylinder direct acting
Setting up Hydraulic cylinder direct acting

Overall length x overall width x overall height

4195 × 1280 × 1695 mm

Machine weight

3,925 kg

Standard Equipment

Overwind protection, Load indicator, Hydraulic safety valve, Level, Machine body inclination alarm, EMO switch, Travel lock lever, Outrigger interlock device, Moment limiter, Rotary lamp

Optional Equipment

Black rubber track, Single fall hook, Protection roll bar, Searcher hooks

* Further details, please contact PACECRANES.
† Due to improvements, the specifications are subject to change without notice.