Sennebogen Cranes

6300E Duty Cycle Crane

Lifting Capacity : 300t
Boom height : 80.3m
Engine capacity : 570-840kW
Winch : 350-450kN


Power – Cat C18, 570 kW / 775 PS bei 1800 min-1 Cat C27, 708 kW / 963 PS bei 1800 min-1 Cat C32, 840 kW / 1142 PS bei 1800 min-1 Direct injection, turbo-charged, charge air cooler
Cooling – Water cooled
Air Filter – Dry filter with pre-separator, automatic dust discharge, main element and safety element, contamination indicator


Four-circuit hydraulic system for optimal function and capacity, running all movements simultaneously is possible.
The hydraulic pumps are variable displacement piston pumps with individual control and energy-saving flow-on-demand control. The pumps only request as much oil as is actually consumed. Pressure cut-off , load limit sensing control
Operating pressure – up to 330/350 bar
Filtration – High-efficiency filtration with long-time change interval, pollution indicator
Hydraulic tank – 2000L

Slewing Drive

Gearbox – 2 Compact planetary gear with slant axis hydraulic motor
Parking brake – Spring-loaded disk brake
Slewing ring – Ball bearing rotary connection
Slewing speed – 0 – 3.6 min-1, adjustable slewing speeds


Torsion-resistant box design, precision crafted, bronze bushings for boom bearing arrangement
Clear, service-friendly concept, engine installed in the longitudinal direction
Lighting – LED spotlights for optimal illumination of the work area
Safety – Camera monitoring of the rear area and right side


Each winch is driven independently by a directly fl anged pres-sure regulated variable displacement hydraulic piston motor, this ensures at any time the best regulation of line speed and line pull.
Hydraulic brake valves for wear resistant braking of loads. Strong low-maintenance oil bath planetary gears. The clutch and brake functions are eff ected by large-dimensioned, maintenance-free, low-wearing, oil-lubricated multiple disc brakes, oil cooled.
The individually, variable adjustable winch brake supports actively the driver, prevents loose ropes and takes care of the machine.

Winches 35 t 45 t
Rope winch 1 layer 350kN 450kN
Rope dia. mm 36 42
Rope speed m/min 0-80 0-105


Design – Crawler undercarriage with integrated, protected drives.
Drive – Strong travel drive with axial piston hydraulic motor and directly attached automatically functioning brake valve and compact plane-tary gear per each running gear side
Parking brake – Multi-disc brake, spring-loaded
Travelling gear – Maintenance-free flat track system with hydraulic track tensioning system Flat base plates 1200 mm wide
Speed – 0-1.4 km/h

Operators Cab

SENNEBOGEN maXcab with sliding door, excellent ergonomics, climate automation, seat heater, air-suspension comfort seat, fresh air filter / circulating air filter, excellent overview, SENNEBOGEN Diagnostic System

Operating weight

Approx. 255.000 kg (315.000 kg) 6300 HD basic machine with mit 1200 mm base plates, 2 main winches 450 kN, main boom 18,7 m, 450 m hoisting rope, counter-weight

85 t (105 t +40 t)

* Further details see adobe specifications download or please contact PACECRANES. † Due to improvements, the specifications are subject to change without notice.