Panel suction UPP 300

Uplifter glass lifters

UPP300 panel suction system

Lifting capacity max. 300kg
Stepless swivel unit from 0° to 90 °
For panels up to 18 m length

The UPP 300 panel suction system has a maximum load capacity of 300 kg. It specializes in handling sandwich elements, roof and wall panels gently and safely, providing the best work performance with reduced manpower.

Its rechargeable battery has an energy-saving, vacuum-controlled motor circuit and a vacuum monitor with the digital sensor. The long-lasting special battery and integrated battery charger lets you do your sheet laying outdoors for up to 8 hours without being plugged in.

The panel suction system is equipped with 4 UV-resistant suction discs that can be expanded to 6 without tools. All relevant functional modules are protected or reinforced, and the suction discs retain their elasticity even in freezing temperatures. The main beam of 1 m and optional beams of 3 m, 4 m, 6 m and 8 m are availableas accessories. The legally required safety straps are included!

The UPP 300 can guarantee fast and easy transport and assembly of almost any commercially available ISO sandwich elements and trapezoidal sheets. We also offer other panel suction units with round and longitudinal suction arrays.

Contact Pace Cranes to discuss the possibilities with this panel lifter on your work site.

Vacuum system


Lifting capacity

Up to 300 kg

Vacuum cups

4 units | 6 units

Tare weight

70 kg


24 V DC, 7 A Battery; Motor power 0,12 kW


Infinitely variable of 0° – 90°

Operating time

8 hours

Scope of delivery

Integrated measuring devices for monitoring the vacuum and the power supply; Optical and acoustic warning devices; Frame integrated vacuum accumulator for quick suction; Individual plug-in system allows optional extension with 3, 4, 6 or 8 meter trusses for roof mounting of different panel lengths (up to 18 m); Integrated water separator to protect the suction disc from moisture, with additional sinter filter


2 safety belts; main traverse 1000 mm; 4 standard suction pads


3 / 4 / 6 or 8 m traverse for wide elements

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† Due to improvements, the specifications are subject to change without notice.