Sennebogen Cranes

643E Mobile Telescopic Crane

Lifting Capacity : 40t
Boom height : 44m
Engine capacity : 135kW
Weight: 24-26.3t


  • Output 135 kW/184 HP at 2000 rpm Model Deutz TCD 2012 L06 2V -TIER III
  • Direct injection, turbo charged, intercooler, reduced emission
  • Water cooled
  • Dry air filter with precleaner, automatic dust discharge, main and safety element, pollution indicator
  • Fuel tank 300 l
  • Electric system 24 Volt Batteries 2 x 110 Ah, main switch


  • Load sensing/LUDV system for working functions and drive function
  • Hydraulic pump – Variable displacement piston pump, swashplate type, load sensing regulation for parallel, independent operation of the working functions
  • Zero-flow regulation, flow on demand control the pumps only supplying the required oil, pressure cut off
  • Oil flow max. 280 l/min
  • Pressure max. 330 bar
  • Separate hydraulic circuit for swing operation
  • Pump type – Gear pump Oil flow max. 35 l/min
  • Pressure max. 240 bar
  • High-efficiency filtration with long-time change interval, SENNEBOGEN HydroClean micro filtration with water separation, optional
  • Large-sized cooling unit
  • Hydraulic tank 440 l
  • Steering Proportional, hydraulically and precise control of the hydraulic functions, 2 servo joysticks for operating movements, additional functions through switches and foot pedals
  • Safety valves for all hydraulic circuits High efficiency through well designed hydraulic valves and lines.
  • Pressure accumulator for lowering of attachments when engine turned off
  • Central pressure test ports Safety check valves for boom cylinders
  • Safety check valves for telescopic boom cylinders

Swing drive

  • Compact planetery reduction gear with hydraulic piston motor, integrated brake valves
  • Parking brake – Multi-disc brake, spring-loaded
  • Swing bearing – Strong ball bearing, sealed Swing speed 0-2 rpm, stepless


  • Strong, rubber tired undercarriage with integrated 4-point outriggers, steering axle as oscillating axle lockable.
  • Oscillating axle cylinders with safty check valves
  • All-wheel drive via variable displacement pistion motor with directly mounted automatic brake valve and 2-stage power shift gear.
  • Strong 40 t axles with integrated steering cylinder. Wet multi-disc brakes in 2-circuit system.
  • All-wheel steering
  • Parking brake – Multi disc brake, spring loaded
  • Tyres – 12.00-20, 8 tyres, 4 tyres 14.00R24 (optional)
  • Travel speeds 0-6 km/h off road, 0-20 km/h on road, 0-30 km/h optional for export

Upper structure

  • Torsion resistent box type design precision machined, steel bushes for the boom pivot.
  • Clear, very service friendly design longitudinal installation of the engine

Working equipment

  • Decades of experience and state-of-the-art computer simulation guarantee highest stability and durability
  • Telescopic boom – 4-section telescopic boom, full power hydraulically extendable, 23,4 m or 30 m
  • Folding jib – 6.5 m or 13 m length, fast and easy errection, while not using it can be folded at the side of the mainboom
  • Hoist winch – Axial piston hydraulic motor, planetary gear, linepull (1
    layer) 40 kN, line speed 0-95 m/min, rope dia. 14 mm, 2. hoist winch optional
  • Safety brake – Spring-applied multi disc brake
  • Crane safety – State-of-the-art safe load indicator with colour graphic display, hoist limit switch, rope limit switch, pressure relief and safety check valves
  • Hydraulic cylinders with high-grade seal and guide system

Cooling system

Compact 3-circuit cooling system, large sized

Service weight

  • 643 M with telescopic boom 30.0 m, jib 13 m and hook block 20 t, 2 Winches approx. 26,300 kg
  • 643 M with telescopic 23.4 m boom and 20 t hook block , 1 Winch approx. 24,000 kg

* Further details see adobe specifications download or please contact PACECRANES.
† Due to improvements, the specifications are subject to change without notice.