Glass Handling UPT 250

Uplifter glass lifters

UPT250 glass handling system

Bearing capacity 250kg
Rotates elements up to 2.5 m in length
Suction unit rotatable 360°

The UPT250 glass handling system is a maneuverable glass mounting device for doors, windows, glass, metal and wood on the construction site. With the versatile mounting device, the transport of components is a breeze. With 1-man components can be lifted up to 250 kg and lowered. The mast can be swiveled by ± 90° to the left and right and the suction unit with four integrated suction plates (ø 230 mm) can be rotated 360°.

Its non-slip handles are adjustable in height and length and the solid rubber tires (ø 350 mm) can be ridden safely even rough terrain. The glass assembly unit UPT 250 can be easily and quickly disassembled into 10 parts and can thus be quickly transported from one floor to the other.

Contact Pace Cranes to discuss the possibilities with this panel lifter on your work site.

Lifting capacity

Up to 250 kg

Vacuum cups

4 hand lifting units (ø 230 mm)

Tare weight

265 kg


Manual / Mast tilting electric with integrated battery and charger


Non-slip handles


PU-tires (ø 350 mm)


Side offset; Crane attachment; Suction surface enlargemen; Electric winch

* Further details, please contact PACECRANES.
† Due to improvements, the specifications are subject to change without notice.