Uplifer Suction Disc UPG 600-2

Uplifter glass lifters

Suction Disc UPG 600-2

Lifting capacity max. 600kg
Manual turning by 360°
12-fold lockable grid, automatic locking at 90 °

The UPG 600-2 glass vacuum lifter is a class leader in lifting and moving glass elements weighing up to 600 kg.

Thanks to its modular design, the UPG 600-2 can be optimally adapted to the requirements on your construction site. Its extension arms also allow it to handle elements with large surface areas. The load arms can of course be removed. The attached suction discs (diameter 300 mm) provide high levels of adhesion and power on the construction site.

When using vacuum suction, it is important for the surface to be completely smooth, flat and impermeable to air. The UPG 600-2 begins the vacuum suction process automatically at the push of a button. The UPG 600-2 vacuum battery monitors the vacuum pressure independently and permanently after suction has begun. If the vacuum is lost, the MRT-2 re-pumps and also outputs a warning sound indicating the coming loss of vacuum pressure.

With its rechargeable battery, the UPG 600-2 is the ideal assembly partner. The replaceable 12 V battery can be recharged, and the charge status can easily be seen on the LED display. The regulated vacuum pump is continually ready for operation for up to eight hours. The vacuum lifter can be customised and adapted for any assembly situation. The vacuum battery can be rotated by 360° manually and tilted for 90°. When being rotated, the vacuum can be stopped in position every 40°. With the optional “mount extensions”, the UPG 600-2 can be adapted even better. Installation can be done without tools.

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Vacuum system


Vacuum plates

4 pcs. | 6 pcs. | 8 pcs.

Lifting capacity

300 kg | 450 kg | 600 kg

Device weight

70 kg | 80 kg | 89 kg

Height of device

Without load-arm min. 139 mm, with load-arm 205 mm

Operating temp. range

0°C to 40°C

Operating time

 8 hours


incl. wooden transport box


  • Mount-Extensions
  • transport unit UPT 200
  • shortened load arm

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† Due to improvements, the specifications are subject to change without notice.