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Pick and Carry and Carry Deck Cranes

Valla Spa is the world leader in mobile industrial cranes, with a large range of Pick and Carry Cranes as well as Carry Deck Cranes in an industry that has always worked with complex innovation technology.

In the early 1960’s Valla recognised the need for a new type of pick and carry crane for handling materials that would find its place between the fork lift and mobile cranes. It was here that the first mobile industrial crane made its debut.

Next, Valla designed the first self-propelled industrial battery crane. In full respect of the environment, Valla has been advancing its clean and quiet technology ever since.

Valla has developed over the decades a full range of pick and carry cranes from 2 to 90 tons., Electric, Diesel, Hybrid, wheeled or tracked, fixed or swing boom, with dozens of special applications designed specifically to meet the needs of customers.

View the range of Valla pick and carry cranes below.


Capacity: 2.5 t
Overall Width: 950 mm
Gross Weight: 2300 kg

Max Lifting Capacity: 3.6 t
Overall Width: 900 mm
Gross Weight: 3650 kg

Max Lifting Capacity: 8 t
Overall Width: 1400 mm
Gross Weight: 8500 kg

Max Lifting Capacity: 11 t
Gross Weight: 11600kg

Max Lifting Capacity: 11 t
Gross Weight: 11600kg

Max Lifting Capacity: 25 t
Overall Width: 2290 mm
Gross Weight: 25000 kg

Max Lifting Capacity: 40 t
Overall Width: 2350 mm
Gross Weight: 28000 kg

Max Lifting Capacity: 90 t
Overall Width: 2500 mm
Gross Weight: 32000kg

Max Lifting Capacity: 2 t
Overall Width: 950 mm
Gross Weight: 1900 kg