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Heavy Duty Crawler Cranes

Modular design allows for maximum flexibility
Self erecting
Intuitive operation and control of machine
Safe movement of machine under load
Low transport weight
1st class components

Sennebogen Crawler Cranes are used for heavy lifting work, for large assemblies in building construction and in the construction of wind turbines. The design of the SENNEBOGEN crawler crane offers a wide range of benefits for operators with capacities up to 300 tons.

Lifting Capacity : 50t
Boom height : 52.3m
Engine capacity : 129 kW
Winch : 120 kN

Lifting Capacity : 80t
Boom height : 67.2m
Engine capacity : 186 kW
Winch : 85 kN

3300 Crawler Crane

Lifting Capacity : 125t Boom height : 93.4m Engine capacity : 186kW Winch : 120kN

5500 Star-Lifter

Lifting Capacity : 180t
Boom height : 105m
Engine capacity : 261kW
Winch : 120kN

7700 Star Lifter

Lifting Capacity : 280t-300t
Boom height : 155m
Engine capacity : 313kW
Winch : 220kN