Maeda Knuckle Boom Cranes

Maeda Spider Cranes

MK3053 Crawler Crane

Lifting Capacity 2.8t x 1.8m
Dimensions: 3195 x 780 x 1945 mm
Machine weight: 2,900kg


2.8t X 1.8m / 1.0t x 4.7m (jib)

Max. working radius

9.4m / 14.3m (jib)

Max. Lifting Height

12.0m / 16.95 (jib)

Main Boom Telescopic System


Fully automatic 5-section pentagonal telescopic boom (3 section jib)

Boom Length

3.1m – 10.3m / 2.3m-4.8m (jib.

Boom telescoping stroke/time

7.2m/59sec / 2.5m – 4.8m

Boom Hoist System - Hoist angle/time

0 to 85deg/26sec – 195 deg/17.5sec (jib)

Ground Pressure

83.4kpa [0.85kgf/cm2]

Slew System

360deg/1.1 rpm


Hydraulic cylinder direct acting type, Multi (stepless), (Lateral)4,546 × (Front)4,537 × (Rear)4,315mm


Kubota Diesel Z482-E4B, 0.479L [479cc], 7.2kw/2600min-1 [9.8ps/2600rpm]

Electric – 4.0kw, 4P 380V (200-415V), Lithium Titanate Bettery, 5 hour DC55V-135Ah, 7.4kWh

Overall length × width × height

3195 X 780 X 1945 mm

Machine weight


Optional Equipment

Winch (4 falls)
Black or White rubber tracks (depends on spec)

* Further details, please contact PACECRANES.
† Due to improvements, the specifications are subject to change without notice.