4000 PRO materials mover

tracked carriers materials handling

4000 PRO Materials Carrier

Lifting Capacity 4000kg
Dimensions: 1000 x 1790 x 5000 mm
Machine weight: 970kg

The Tracked Carrier 4000 PRO offers an unrivaled method of transporting heavy goods through confined spaces.  At only 1m wide, the 4000 PRO has a maximum capacity of 4,000kg and can climb gradients up to 45° with a reduced load.

The 4000 PRO has remote-controlled platform rotation and extendable
support bars fitted as standard. This enables the user to configure the
platform and safely rotate loads to improve maneuverability in tight
areas, and to enable precise load positioning without any effort.

As with all PRO models, this machine features gradient monitoring to increase safe operation when working on steep inclines, information feedback to the remote control, and a 24v auxiliary output to power certain accessories.


4000kg lifting capacity


1000 x 1790 x 500 mm


Battery powered


Fully proportional remote control




45° gradeability


Extendable and adaptable

Travel Speed

2.5Km/h maximum speed

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