Maeda Spider Cranes

Maeda Spider Cranes

MK1033CW-1 Spider Crane

Lifting Capacity 0.995t x 1.3m
Dimensions: 2,710 x 750 x 1,970 mm
Machine weight: 2,000kg


0.995t X 1.3m

Max. working radius

9.9m X 0.18t

Max. Lifting Height


Max. reach below ground level

-66.5m (single fall)

Main Boom Telescopic System


Fully automatic 3-section pentagonal telescopic boom (2 and 3 section : simultaneous telescoping)

Boom Length

2.590m – 6.03m.

Boom telescoping stroke/time

3.44/15/5sec [0.22m/sec]

Boom Hoist System - Hoist angle/time

0 to 80deg/42.2sec

Ground pressure


Swing System - Hoist Angle/Time

lWRC6 x Fi(29) Ø10 x 150m

Telescopic system type

Fully automatic 5-section pentagonal telescopic boom



Overall length × width × height

2,710 X 750 X 1,970 mm

Machine weight


New options

820kg Auxilary Winch, Petrol Engine, 380V Electric Motor

Lifting down with below track level

65m with optional winch (single fall)

Standard Equipment

Level, Machine body inclination alarm, EMO switch, Hydraulic safety valves, Overwind protection, Wire rope latch, Crane/Outrigger interlock device, Moemnt limiter, Data logger, slew restriction device

Optional Equipment

820kg winch (single fall), white tracks

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† Due to improvements, the specifications are subject to change without notice.