Sennebogen Heavy Duty Cranes

Built for heavy duty applications with continuous operation
Extremely robust design in drives, undercarriage, boom and steel frames
High powered engines & hydraulics for fast and effective duty cycles
Service friendly design
High quality components
Built for highest longevity and resale value

Lifting Capacity : 26.8t
Boom height : 32.7m
Engine capacity : 148kW
Winch : 90-120kN

Lifting Capacity : 40t

Boom height : 41.1m

Engine capacity : 186kW

Winch : 120-160kN

Lifting Capacity : 50t

Boom height : 52.3m

Engine capacity : 205kW

Winch : 120-160kN

Lifting Capacity : 90t

Boom height : 57.9m

Engine capacity : 291-447kW

Winch : 160-250kN

Lifting Capacity : 100t

Boom height : 69.1m

Engine capacity : 354-470kW

Winch : 200-300kN

Lifting Capacity : 120t

Boom height : 69.1m

Engine capacity : 354-570kW

Winch : 200-300kN

Lifting Capacity : 180t

Boom height : 84m

Engine capacity : 470-570kW

Winch : 200-320kN

Lifting Capacity : 300t

Boom height : 80.3m

Engine capacity : 570-840kW

Winch : 350-450kN