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Sennebogen Heavy Duty Cycle Cranes

Built for heavy duty applications with continuous operation
Extremely robust design in drives, undercarriage, boom and steel frames
High powered engines & hydraulics for fast and effective duty cycles
Service friendly design
High quality components
Built for highest longevity and resale value

Backed by over 60 years  experience in engineering reliable duty cycle cranes and draglines, Sennebogen duty cycle cranes have a robust uppercarriage / undercarriage design in combination with a sturdy lattice boom and powerful hydraulics. The duty cycle crawler cranes are made for dynamic and continuous operations with 30t to 300t lifting capacity and can be equipped with various hydraulic and mechanic attachments (dragline bucket, grabs, diaphragm wall grab, leader, casing oscillator, crane equipment).

Lifting Capacity : 26.8t
Boom height : 32.7m
Engine capacity : 148kW
Winch : 90-120kN

Lifting Capacity : 40t

Boom height : 41.1m

Engine capacity : 186kW

Winch : 120-160kN

Lifting Capacity : 50t

Boom height : 52.3m

Engine capacity : 205kW

Winch : 120-160kN

Lifting Capacity : 70t

Boom height : 56.9m

Engine capacity : 261kW

Winch : 160-200kN

Lifting Capacity : 100t

Boom height : 69.1m

Engine capacity : 354-470kW

Winch : 200-300kN

Lifting Capacity : 140t

Boom height : 63.5m

Engine capacity : 563-708kW

Winch : 250-350kN

Lifting Capacity : 300t

Boom height : 80.3m

Engine capacity : 570-840kW

Winch : 350-450kN