Telescopic Cranes

Sennebogen Cranes

6133E Crawler Telescopic Crane

Lifting Capacity : 130t
Boom height : 52m
Engine capacity : 168-186kW
Weight: 119t


  • Cummins diesel engine B 6.7, 186 kW / 253 hp at 2000 min-1, Stage V emissions
  • Cummins diesel engine QSB 6.7, 164 kW / 223 hp at 2000 min-1, Stage IIIa emissions
  • Direct injection, turbocharged, charge air cooling, reduced emissions
  • Water-cooled, Diesel filter with water separator and heater, Dry air filter with integrated pre seperator,
    automatic dust discharge, main element and safety element, contamination indicator
  • Fuel tank 450 l
  • DEF tank 45 l
  • Electrical system 24V
  • Batteries 2 x 155 Ah battery disconnect switch

Upper Carriage

  • Torsion-resistant box design, precision crafted, steel bushings for boom mountings.
  • Very service-friendly design, engine installed in the longitudinal direction
  • Central electrical distributor, battery disconnect switch
  • 3-circuit cooling system with high cooling output, thermostatically regulated fan drive for oil cooler, electronically regulated water and charge air cooler
  • Safety camera for monitoring of the rear area and right side
  • LED lighting packages
  • Folding uppercarriage railing
  • Options – Additiona LED headlamps, Up to 2 additional cameras, Anti-corrosive maritime climate varnish, Low-temperature package for use at temperatures below -20 °C, Automatic Central lubrication for boom attachment point, luffing cylinder, live ring track and winch drum bearings, Automatic Pinion tooth lubrication for slewing ring

Hydraulic System

  • Load-sensing/ LUDV hydraulic system, electro-hydraulic work functions, load limit control
  • Swash plate-type variable-displacement piston pump, load pressure-independent flow distribution for simultaneous, independent control of work functions
  • Zero-stroke control, on demand flow control — the pumps only pump as much oil as will
    actually be used, pressure purging, load limit control
  • Operating pressure up to 330 bar
  • High performance filtration with long change interval
  • Hydraulic tank 900L
  • Proportional, precision electro-hydraulic actuation of work movements, 2 hydraulic servo joysticks for the work functions including winch motion detector via vibration transmitter, additional functions via switches and foot pedals
  • Circuits safeguarded with safety valves
  • Pipe fracture safety valves for luffing cylinder and telescopic cylinder
  • Options – Bio oil filling, Electric hydraulic tank preheating for temperatures
    below -20 °C

Slewing Drive

  • 2 compact planetary gears with bent-axis hydraulic engine, integrated brake valves
  • Spring-loaded multi-disk brake, foot pedal for individual brakes
  • Externally geared slewing ring, sealed
  • 0-2 min-1, variable slewing speed


  • Spacious Maxcab, tiltable 20°
  • Sliding door, sliding window in operator door, excellent ergonomics, automatic air conditioning, seat heater, air-suspension comfort seat, fresh air circulating air filter, 12V/24V connections, SENCON, sunblind for skylight
  • Options –  Hydraulically elevating cab type E270, can elevate up to 2.70 m and tilt by 30°, Auxiliary heating system with timer, activated carbon filter for cab, Bullet proof windshield, Bullet proof skylight, FOPS protective roof grating, Radio with USB and SD connections, MP3 and Bluetooth functions, Work area limitation


  • Decade-long experience, most advanced computer simulation, the greatest degree of stability and longest service life, large scale mounting points and precision-crafted sealed low-maintenance special bushings
  • 6-part telescopic boom made from high-strength fine grain steel consisting of a basic boom and 5 telescopic sections, 1 telescopic cylinder, can be hydraulically telescoped under partial load. Length: 12.3 bis 52.2 m
  • Bent-axis hydraulic engine drive hub winch with compact planetary gear, 120 kN tensile force, cable speed 0 – 115 m/min., cable diameter 26 mm, cable length 210 m. Winch motion detector via vibration transmitter in the joysticks
  • Spring-loaded multi-disk brake
  • Latest generation of load moment monitoring, clear operations panel showing all all important data via the SENCON display, lifting limit switch, cable exit protection, pressure relief values and burst pipe protection with event recorder
  • Hydraulic cylinders with high-quality sealing and guide elements
  • Options: Fly boom 8 m, tiltable (0°, 20°, 40°), can be set up very quickly and easily without additional equipment, can be bolted to basic boom when not in use, Fly boom extension to 15 m (7 m extension), tiltable (0°, 20°, 40°), can be bolted to basic boom when not in use, Auxiliary boom: 12 t load capacity, 1-strand, Crane winch: 120 kN tensile force, cable speed 0 -115 m/min., cable diameter 26 mm, cable length 210 m, Additional load charts accepted for 4° incline
    position, Electro-hydraulic emergency unit 7.5 kW, Radio remote control

Under Carriage

  • Crawler undercarriage T119/540 with removable traveling gear
  • Stable welded construction
  • Hydraulic travel drive for each travelling gear side, hydraulic travel engine
  • Spring-loaded, hydraulically ventilated disk brakes
  • Traveling gear 900 mm triple grouser shoes, maintenance free
    tractor chassis
  • Speed 0 – 2.5 km/h
  • Options: 900mm flat track shoes

Operating Weight

  • Mass approx. 119000 kg with telescopic boom 52.5m, fly boom 8.0m, 80 t hook, triple grouser shoes 900 mm, 2 hoist
    winches, with hydraulic telescoping undercarriage, ballast 35 t
  • Operating weight varies with equipment.