Telescopic Cranes

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6133E Crawler Telescopic Crane

Lifting Capacity : 130t
Boom height : 52m
Engine capacity : 168kW
Weight: 116.2t

Coming Soon - the largest telescopic crane in Sennebogen's range

SENNEBOGEN expands the telescopic crane product line in 2019 with an additional top-of-the-range model. The new SENNEBOGEN 6133 E is initially launching as a telescopic crawler with a reach of 52 m and a maximum working load of up to 130 tons. Despite its size, the flexible telescopic crane is impressively easy to transport thanks to its telescoping undercarriage and simple self-assembly system.

With more than 25 years of experience with mobile and crawler telescopic machines, SENNEBOGEN has successfully established itself on the international market. Around the world, customers from the construction industry and crane rental sector trust the reliability of SENNEBOGEN telescopic cranes. With a wide product range that provides working loads of 8 t to 120 t, SENNEBOGEN already covers a wide variety of work applications. The telescopic crawler with its pick & carry characteristics, which make it possible to transport loads on construction sites using the crawler chassis, is becoming increasingly popular, thanks in particular to its high level of flexibility. The Bavarian machine manufacturer has taken another major step forward by further expanding its portfolio with an additional large telescopic crawler.

Well equipped: 130 t working load and boom lengths from 12 m to 52 m
The new SENNEBOGEN 6133, a telescopic crawler crane with a working load of 130 t, is an extremely interesting solution for many crane rental and construction companies. In contrast to the boom system used to date, the new 6133 E is fitted with a 6-piece boom as a result of its equipment length. As is usual in the industry, the individual elements move within a cylinder cycle system. This then results in the new machine with a maximum boom length of 52 m. The vertical reach can be extended to almost 70 m with the optional 15 m fly boom.

The new SENNEBOGEN 6133 E is equipped with a 194 kW tier 5 diesel engine, two powerful 125 kN winches and a Maxcab comfort cab that can be tilted by 20 degrees. The telescopic crawler undercarriage means that it can be retracted to a total machine width of less than 4.0 m for transport and travel. When extended, the machine has excellent stability and good maneuverability thanks to its 6.30 m track width. For crane rental companies the easy transport of the telescopic crawler crane is a particularly important advantage. With the aid of the innovative self-assembly system of the Starlifter telescopic undercarriage, the machine can be set up and taken down in a few steps, within a short time and without the need for an auxiliary crane. The SENNEBOGEN 6133 E is not only easy to maneuver on the construction site, it is also easy to load. Once the traveling gears and the ballast have been dismantled, the transport width is a mere 3.0 m.