Hydraulic Crawler Cranes

Sennebogen Cranes

5500 Crawler Crane

Lifting Capacity : 180-200t
Boom height :105m
Engine capacity : 261kW
Winch : 120kN


  • Caterpillar diesel engine C9 with direct injection, water cooled 261 kW (355 HP) at 1800 rpm
  • Dry air filter with preliminary filter, main and safety element.
  • Electric system 24 Volt, high efficiency cold starting batteries. Idling speed function.
  • Fuel tank capacity: approx. 850 l


All hydraulic pumps are variable displacement piston pumps with individual regulation for each pump. The pumps are equipped with an energysaving flow-on-demand control system and pressure cut-off for high efficiency and reduced loss of energy.
Max. flow rates:

  • 360 l/min for travel and winch 1
  • 360 l/min for travel and winch 2
  • 300 l/min for boom hoist
  • 210 l/min for swing
  • 360 l/min for luffing jib winch

Working pressure up to 330 bar.
Hydraulic tank capacity: approx. 800/600 l
Hydraulic filters with long intervals be tween change. Large dimensioned hydraulic cooling system. Servo-assisted joy-stick controls according to ISO-System.
Central service tableau.
Decomposable hydraulic oil (synthetic) can be used.
Hydro Clean hydraulic superfine filter with water absorption. (Optional)

Winch 1 - Winch 2

Each winch is driven independently by a directly flanged variable displacement hydraulic piston motor with high pressure regulation. Hydraulic brake valves for wear resistant braking of loads. Strong low maintenance oil bath planetary gears. The clutch and brake functions are effected through large dimensioned, maintenance-free, low-wearing, oil-lubricated multiple disc brakes.
Winches 120 kN max. Single line pull 1.layer 160 kN Rope dia. mm 26 Line speed max. m/min 0-140
Optional: Additional crane winch (3rd winch), line pull 110 kN (11 t), Rope dia. 20 mm,

Swing drive 360° endless

The swing function is operated through hydraulic piston motor with oil bath planetary gear. Spring-loaded hydraulically releasable multiple-disc brakes selfclosing. Large dimensioned triple roller type swing bearing. Swing speed from 0 to 3 rpm, 0 to 1,0 rpm for crane operation. Power transmission through 2 swing motors, thus less tooth pressure and moments. Precision swing operation with preselector switch.

Boom Hoist Operation

Hydraulically driven through a axial piston motor, spring-loaded hydraulically releasable multiple-disc brake, planetary gear and double winch drum with special scores. Max. line pull 2 x 70 kN (2 x 7 t), rope diameter 22 mm. Drum pawl lock provides an integral drum lock.

Upper Structure

Torsion-free precision machined upper frame. All components are located clearly and service friendly. Engine with low noise level. Counterweight 60 t Hydraulic counterweight lowering system.


Strong wide gauge crawler undercarriage. Each track is independently driven by an axial piston motor through planetary final drive. Spring loaded hydraulically releasable multiple-disc brake. Maintenance-free tractor type crawler with hydraulic track-tensioning device. Tractor type crawler B9HDS with 1000 mm flat shoes.
Excellent rough terrain travel.
Travel speed: 0 – 1,4 km/h.

Working equipment

Tubular boom 18,7 – 80,3 m, double sheave hammer head, luffing jib, fixed jib, auxiliary jib. Complete crane safety device with electronic SLI safe load indicator

Operators cab

Comfortable F 2000 operator’s cab, resiliently mounted, with exceptional sound suppression, large-capacity compartment with excellent allround visibility, all-weather design with tinted safety glass, front wind-screen with ventilation position stows under the roof, large-size skylight, window wiper/washer system for front windscreen and skylight, front guard panel, large-capacity stowage rack, ergonomically designed comfortable seat, resiliently mounted, adjustable in suspension and height, seat cushion adjustable in depth and angle, adjustable lumbar support, wide adjustable armrests, clearly laid out instrument panel with ergonomically shaped control levers, infinitely variable cab heating system, outside air and circulating air stages, with particle filter. Five adjustable air vents for optimum work environment. New SDS diagnostic system for monitoring of all essential machine and engine functions, includes visual and audible warning of any malfunctions.
Hydraulically cab tilting system 20º. Hydraulically cab swing mechanism – for working position and transport position.

Service weight

5500 Star-Lifter – crawler B9HDS, length 8500 mm, 2 x 16 t crane winches, engine 261 kW, 18,7 m basic boom, 60 t counterweight and 26 t carbody counterweight, self erection system, flat shoes 1000 mm
Service weight:

166 t

Max. service weight with max. attachment:

184 t

* Further details see adobe specifications download or please contact PACECRANES.
† Due to improvements, the specifications are subject to change without notice.