Uplifter Suction Disc UPG 450

Uplifter glass lifters

Suction Disc UPG450

Lifting capacity max. 450kg
300mm diameter suction discs

With its long narrow design, the UPG 450 vacuum lifter is perfectly suited for carrying loads of up to 450 kg. Thanks to its modular design, the UPG 450 can be easily and quickly adapted to any situation. The four standard suction discs can be expanded to six without the need for tools.

The removable load arm makes it even more flexible. The UPG 450 has suspension eyelets for vertical attachment without the load arm and an ergonomic manual slide valve. The attached suction discs (diameter 300 mm) provide high levels of adhesion and power on the construction site.

When using vacuum suction, is important for the surface to be completely smooth, flat and impermeable to air. The UPG 450 begins the vacuum suction process automatically at the push of a button. The UPG 450 vacuum battery monitors the vacuum pressure independently and permanently after suction has begun. If the vacuum pressure is lost, the UPG 450 re-pressurises. The UPG 450’s rechargeable battery ensures maximum performance in virtually every situation.

The integrated measuring device provides information about the vacuum and the battery’s charge level. If the vacuum is lost or if one vacuum circuit fails completely, the UPG 450 also warns the operator with an audible buzzer. The regulated vacuum pump is continually ready for operation for up to eight hours. The integrated “complete shut-off switch” is a brandnew innovation. When this is switched to “off”, all power sources are disconnected, which means that the power stays in the battery, actively preventing deep discharge. If the UPG 450’s battery is empty, the new battery charger will help. The newly developed integrated charger can now (legally) recharge batteries which have been deep discharged.

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Vacuum system


Vacuum plates

4 pcs. | 6 pcs.

Lifting capacity

300 kg | 450 kg

Device weight

49 kg | 60 kg

Height of device

Without load-arm min. 118 mm, with load-arm 179 mm

Operating temp. range

0°C to 40°C

Operating time

 8 hours


incl. wooden transport box


  • Mount extensions; extension incl. suction plate, length 50 cm.
  • Total length UPG 450 incl. extensions: 2416 mm.

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† Due to improvements, the specifications are subject to change without notice.