Sennebogen Cranes

630E Duty Cycle Crane

Lifting Capacity : 30t
Boom height : 32.7m
Engine capacity : 148kW
Winch : 90-120kN

Diesel Engine

Output 148 kW/202 HP at 2000 rpm
Model Deutz TCD 2013 L06 2V -TIER III Direct injection, turbo charged, intercooler, reduced emission
Cooling Water cooled
Air filter Dry air filter with precleaner, automatic dust discharge, main and safety element, pollution indicator
Fuel tank 375 l
Electric system 24 V
Batteries 2 x 143 Ah, main switch


3-circuit hydraulic system. The hydraulic pumps are displacement piston pumps with individual regulation for each pump. The pumps are equipped with an energy-saving flow-on-demand control and preasure cut-off for high-efficency and reduced loss of energy.
Oil flow max. 2 x 170 l/min 1 x 115 l/min
Pressure max. 330 bar
Additional hydraulic systems for powering front attachments like casing oscillators, leaders, hydraulic crabs etc. are available, optional
Filtration High-efficiency filtration with long-time change interval
SENNEBOGEN HydroClean micro filtration with water separation, optional
Cooling Large-sized cooling unit
Hydraulic tank 410 l / 345 l
Steering Proportional, hydraulic and precise control of the working functions, 2 servo joysticks for operating movements, additional functions through switches and foot pedals
Central test ports for hydraulic circuits
Safety valves for all hydraulic circuits

Swing Drive

Compact planetary reduction gear with hydraulic piston motor, integrated brake valves
Parking brake – Multi-disc brake, spring-loaded Swing bearing  Strong ball bearing, sealed Swing speed       0-2 rpm-1, stepless

Upper Carriage

Torsion resistant box type design, precision machined, brass bushes for the boom pivot
Clear, very service friendly design longitudinal installation of the engine

Cooling System

Compact 3-circuit cooling system, large-sized

Winch 1 - Winch 2

Each winch is driven independently by a directly flanged variable displacemant hydraulic  piston motor. Hydraulic brake valves for wear resistant braking  of loads. Strong low-maintenance oil bath planetary gears. The clutch and brake functions are effected by large-dimensioned, maintenance-free, low-wearing, oil- lubricated multiple disc brakes.

Grab closing automatics for 2-rope grab operation – dividing the load equally between both winches, optional

Combilink – for dragline operation, allows power load lowering of the dredging winch, optional

Winches                                 9 t       12 t  
Single line pull kN 1.Layer   90      120
Rope dia. mm                         18       22
Line speed m/min                 0-115   0-115
Drum diameter mm               360   400

Working Equipment

Design – Decades of  experience  and state-of-the-art computer simulation guarantee highest stability and durability
Boom hoist winch – Crane safetyAxial piston hydraulic motor, planetary gear, 40 kN line pull , 0-95 m/min line speed, 14 mm rope dia.

Safety brake – Spring-applied multi-disc brake

State-of the-art safe load indicator with graphic display, hoist limit switch, pressure relief valves, rope limit switch


Very strong,  hydraulically  extendable  crawler undercarriage with integrated protected drives
High traction force through 2-speed variable displacement piston motors with directly mounted automatic brake valves and planetary gears at each track side
Multi-disc brake, spring-loaded
Maintenance-free track type with hydraulic track tensioning system, triple grouser shoes. Flat shoes optional
Travel speed   0-1.2 / 0-2.7 km/h

Operating weight

Base machine 630 HD, 2 x 9 t free fall winches, 148 kW Diesel engine, basic boom, 8 t counterweight , 32 t hook, 700 mm triple bar shoes:  

approx. 32,500 kg

Transport weight: Base machine 630 HD, 2 x 9 t free fall winches, 148 kW Diesel engine, lower boom, without counterweight, 700 mm triple bar shoes:

approx. 23,700 kg

* Further details see adobe specifications download or please contact PACECRANES.
† Due to improvements, the specifications are subject to change without notice.