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MC405C-3 Mini Cranes

Pace Cranes is your source for the range of Maeda Mini Crawler Cranes in Australia. Maeda Mini Crawler Cranes have been designed to carry out lifting works in the most difficult areas to access.

The Mini Crawler Crane is a series of machines that Maeda manufactures to the highest standards. With their compact body and small tail swing, these versatile cranes are mainly used in confined construction work sites and civil engineering work sites.

Maximum working radius - 16m
Pick and carry duties
Lifting Capacity 3.83t x 2.7m
Outrigger Safety System


3.83t × 2.7m

Max. working radius

16m x 0.21t

Max. Lifting Height



Fully Automatic 5-section hydraulically pentagonal telescoping boom

Boom Length

4.735 – 16.475 m

Hook Speed


Hoist wire rope

IWRC6 x WS(26) Ø8 x 92m

Boom Hoist System


Swing System


Outrigger Type

Extended Hydraulic Cylinder direct acting

Outrigger Max Extended Width

(lateral)6,076mm x (front)5,441mm x (rear)5,829mm

Crawler Drive System

Travelling System

Hydraulic motor driven
Travelling Speed

0 – 2.9km/h

Fuel/Fuel Tank Capacity
Diesel / 60 L


Yanmar diesel engine 3TNV88F-EPMB


Totally enclosed fan-cooled motor 7.5kw, 3 phase, 380V

Remote Control System

Cable Remote Controller

Pick and Carry Capacity


Overall length x overall width x overall height

4,980 × 1,380 × 1,980 mm

Machine weight

5,600 kg

Standard Equipment

Overwind protection, Load indicator, Hydraulic safety valve, Wirerope latch, Level, Machine body inclination alarm, EMO switch, Travel lock lever, Outrigger interlock device, Moment limiter, Rotary lamp

Optional Equipment

White rubber track, Single fall Hook, Searcher hook, Fly Jib

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† Due to improvements, the specifications are subject to change without notice.