Uplifer Suction Disc UPG 1200

Uplifter glass lifters

UPG 1200 Vacuum Lifter

Lifting capacity max. 1200kg
Up to 12 suction plates
Integrated electric rotary drive

The UPG 1200 vacuum suction lifter with its slim design and high, well thought-out flexibility is the best choice for every application. Thanks to the low construction depth of only 265mm (without tilt bracket) and the eyelets attached to the base frame, nothing stands in the way of operations behind scaffolding or other confined situations. With the standard radio remote control, all functions can be controlled comfortably and without effort. With the innovative and unique quick-change system, the tilt bracket can be removed in a few seconds and the UPG can be easily coupled with the GW 1125, making it an unbeatable team.

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Vacuum system

Dual circuit system

Vacuum plates

4 St. | 6 St. | 8 St. | 10 St. | 12 St. (ø 350 mm)

Lifting capacity

Up to 1200 kg


Electrical up to 90°

Lifting capacity

Electrical ±120°

Device weight

150 kg or 190kg

Power supply

24V battery

Operating temp. range

5°C to 40°C

Operating time

 Approximately 8 hours


Transport trolley

Protective devices

Vacuum monitoring with signal lamp and acoustic alarm

* Further details, please contact PACECRANES.
† Due to improvements, the specifications are subject to change without notice.