Maeda Battery Mini Cranes

Maeda Spider Cranes

MC285CB-3 Battery Mini Crawler Crane

2.82t×1.4m capacity
8.205m ×0.15t Max. working radius
9.5h continuous crane operation under full charge
Full battery charge in 3h 30m
Same crane speed as diesel engine model
Electric Driven Option

Maeda Battery Mini Crawler Cranes are compact and light fully electric powered cranes with zero emission, without compromising on performance. Features that include 9.5 hours running time on 1 charge, recharge time of 3.5 hours and continuous operation while charging makes the MC285CB-3 the perfect machine for confined space operations..

Innovative lithium-ion batteries make these models environmentally friendly, economical, efficient, and safe. Welcome to the green way of lifting.

Powered by a strong lithium-ion battery with a service life 15 years or more than standard batteries. Maintenance-free with stable power output and a charging time 1/3 that of a lead battery. The short recharge time and continuous operation while charging means your downtime is minimised.


    2.82t ×1.4 m

    Max. working radius

    8.205 m x 0.15t

    Max. lifting Height

    Approx 8.7 m

    Hook speed

    9.3 m / min (with 4 layers & 4 falls)

    Wire rope

    IWRC 6 X Fi (29) φ7 X 48 m

    Telescopic system

    Boom length

    2.535 m – 8.575 m

    Telescoping Speed

    6.04 m / 22 sec


    Fully automatic 5 section boom

    Hoist angle/time

    0-80°/14 sec

    Swing angle/time

    360°(continuous) / 0.88 rpm

    Outrigger type

    1st stage with flexible stay damper, 2nd stage manual pullouthydraulic cylinder direct acting type

    Traction system


    Hydraulic motor driven , stepless speed changer

    Travel speed

    0 – 2 km / h



    Crawler ground length

    975 mm x 200mm

    Ground pressure

    50.2 Kpa (0.512 kg / cm2)


    Max. output

    Variable 7.5kW AC30V at 2500min-1

    Battery System


    Lithium Titanate Battery

    5-hour rate capacity

    DC55V – 135Ah

    Input Voltage / current

    Single phase AC200V / 16A, AC100V / 15A

    Charging time

    80% : 2h 20min /100% : 3h 30min

    Continuous operating time travelling

    2h 15min

    Continuous operating time crane

    9h 30 min (based on the company’s assumed cycle )

    Charging during operation


    Overall length x overall width x overall height

    2,800 mm × 750 mm × 1,470 mm

    Machine weight

    1,995 kg

    Standard Equipment

    Overwind protection, Angle indicator,Hydraulic safety valve, Level,Machine body inclination alarm, EMO switch, Moment limiter, Working status lamp, Data logger,Crane & Outrigger interlock device, Travel alarm

    Optional Equipment

    Black rubber tracks, Single fall hook,850kg searcher hook

    * Further details, please contact PACECRANES.
    † Due to improvements, the specifications are subject to change without notice.